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run over there really. a million people rally against the government in a hundred cities across brazil with an eighteen year old becoming the first fatality reported among the activists. a recent poll says euro skepticism is on a dramatic rise in france we look into why people are one of the founding members of the twenty seven nation blog think they'd be better off out of it. than does the u.s. army is engaged in a huge disposal effort destroying expensive military hardware in afghanistan we ask why billions of taxpayers' money is ending up on the scrap paper.
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international news uncomment we're watching r.t. coming to you live from moscow now one hundred cities across brazil have seen a fresh wave of mass protests while the first death has been reported among the demonstrators in the state of. reports say the anti-government rally amassed a staggering one million people when activists in rio de janeiro attempted to approach the city hall they were met by police to take gas and rubber bullets dozens of people were left injured following the clash crowds then gathered in the capital brasilia and they received the same treat the authorities president dilma rousseff has canceled a visit to japan to deal with the crisis. as this report. hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets all over brazil in an unprecedented public protests the hottest sport of the unrest remains sell paolo where tear gas has been fired protesters who tried to take over the local government building in the
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capital brasilia clashes erupted when riot police faced off with protesters trying to break through towards the congress in rio de janeiro local police resorted to tear gas to disperse crowds marching towards city hall police say some three hundred thousand people have rallied but organizers claim it's twice as many there are reports that around thirty people have been injured earlier around eight thousand security officers have been deployed near the city stadium ahead of considerations cup football match between the spanish and haiti football teams such rallies are believed to be the most violent in a decade the protesters say they're angry at the government's excessive spending for the two thousand and fourteen world cup another point of discontent is the increase of public transport police in several brazilian cities the country's health authorities later reversed their decision to increase the first but this
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doesn't seem to have peace demonstrators they say they are also angry over the underfunded had an education systems the unrest come six months ahead of elections in brasil and as we can see there are plenty of complaints too was president dilma rousseff government the protesters say they will remain until they see change and promise a fresh wave of rallies to take place for the next day's. political analyst a resounding she believes it is ultimately the call colossal gap between the rich and the poor that's in ranging the papal. brazil has very serious problems social problems it has to cope with probably poverty it has to cope with the grandparents government corruption even though president dilma rousseff has done a relatively good job in the sense that as soon as she came into power she threw out her. labor minister she threw out her sports minister her defense minister staff amongst others because of corruption something much better than what is being
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done in argentina with corruption is being ignored by the government so in spite of that people are becoming very angry over the huge divide between the very poor and the very rich which just continues decade after decade and the fact that all government action to have it's always insufficient is just not enough they usually when the international monetary fund and the major bankers poor money into countries whether it's brazil spain italy argentina or even the united states it goes to the wrong pockets and that is a global phenomenon so in a way what people are demanding is for more real president representation and not this so-called democracy which is merely money sloshing whereby the really powerful and the really rich and sure that their candidates always get into power and do their bidding it's the same old story in country after country and in different continents france is growing increasingly frustrated at the european union that is according to a new poll held across the twenty seven nation bloc so let's take
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a look at the numbers sixty two percent of french people think the e.u. is moving in the wrong direction they are stressed by the rise of germany as a political force and feel that brussels has mishandled europe's financial crisis meanwhile unemployment in france continues to rise and this also comes amid some dire approval ratings for president francois hollande which have decreased almost two fold in the year he's been in power french right wing political leader marine le pen believes the french want to break free from the concept that has ruined their country's economy. but the first of all you need to understand that the french do not really talk about this both e.u. and the euro a common currency virtually imposed on us i religiously defended here in other words there is no diversity of opinion anything you say against the euro will be equal to blasphemy what i'm asking for is a referendum polls are
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a good thing but i do remember the polls promised that when asked about the european constitution france would vote for it at the end of the day fifty five percent of french citizens said no to the constitution that's why we need a wide public debate a referendum to ask the people what they think about food border transparency with the shank and countries and about this currency that killed our economy we need to ask them how come the e.u. guidelines are more important than our own constitution which in shrines the will of a sovereign nation these essential topics have yet to become subject to public debate in france and i'm sure that if they were discussed today the french would opt for freedom. political analyst alex corbell believes many french people now i think the whole structure is fundamentally wrong. thing that i'd say you could list
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a lot of arguments against the you could say that it's not really did look to because the e.u. divisions under the elected by the but the european citizens you could say that it's too expensive because some member states give a little credit to the e.u. budget that don't receive as much money and whether the euro as given to europe actually is a way for specific member states to postpone structural reforms and so she's clearly a good example of that word a lot of people are concerned that always with think is the tool to greet the post on the very idea of the use digitally disagree on what form a should be you. be shifting if you will and while many many believe their voices are not being heard by brussels ati's tessa costello went to investigate just how much citizens of the blog are involved or even familiar with
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his politics this is brussels the capital of europe and hold to the european institutions that make the laws of decisions that affect the lives of five hundred million citizens the question is how much to the citizens really know about europe do you know what the european flag stands for. the iron man. who is the president of the european council their contents. into the bench in one room how many countries in the e.u. another thirty seven point seven and who is a twenty eight country. given half of that market is known or what does the flag of the stars on the flag mean what do they mean. it's an appalling. there's nothing in the middle of it. but what do the stars on
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the flag mean on the european union's flag. those are the member states now here and for the european parliament there's this exhibit which showcases some of the key moments in the history of the european union will certainly some of these will be more familiar to citizens of the country where it actually took place but when it comes to institutions how they function how they work service and showed that most europeans know very little about what actually goes on that we don't want to survey but you're a barometer it shows that the knowledge of it that europeans have with its emissions is just three point four points out of ten this survey also shows that a majority of e.u. citizens think that the e.u. is a good thing however a majority of them also think that their voices do not count fifty four percent in fact now in this report it also says that only twenty five percent of europeans know that there's even an upcoming election in two thousand and fourteen to elect their members of the european parliament right behind me there's no democracy in the u.k. nor in germany or in brussels we need more. developments for stronger
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involvement of citizen well there are officials a very you see institutions calling for a more democratic europe but in order to do so they will need to get people more involved and interested in the first place if we are to achieve this reporting from brussels i'm tests are still yeah. after three weeks of street battles authorities in turkey now say they are prepared to allow one form of protest people standing still in the street meanwhile in ankara riot police of once again running to gas down on the protesters. was in the thick of it. i've just taken off my gas mask for a minute the air is heavy with the smell of tear gas these two police water cannon shot into the center of this street you're non-corrupt dispersing bronwyn have. been examining mind of police response heavy handed police response in the eyes of
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protesters that protesters have been so angry about in the past weeks they're saying the. prime minister earlier ones government is too authoritarian and the police that are all supporting that government all as well and they will do nothing to try and ease back concerns will this affect the politics in turkey upcoming local elections is very much yet to be seen though anger on the street is very much continuing on a day to day basis to speak to this particular crossroads has become a scene for nightly confrontations between the police and protesters. however earlier in the week protests went on until a small out of the morning without incident yesterday and today. the police response very different with these vehicles charging in and chasing protesters down
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side streets liberal use of water cannon which is stripped the bark off trees and left deborah over the streets. really not the kind of response people were hoping to see from a police force that has really come in for a lot of criticism from a lot of corners of turkish society in the last two weeks. reporting from to then coming up turning on each other as an al-qaeda linked group kills fighters from the free syrian army are on the same side what could happen if more sophisticated weapons flood rebel brigades which are torn by feuds and squabbles plus pakistan's development is squeezed by critical lack of energy resources and after the break we explain how the struggling state is being left with no options to solve the shortfall.
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least be cool language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the we'll talk sports the v.o.i.p. interviews intriguing story for you to.
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visit our big. welcome back now as the u.s. army rushes to complete its pullout from afghanistan parts of the country are already turning into hugh. junkyards the pentagon is now destroying states and other military equipment despite the war already having cost the american taxpayers more than six hundred. billion dollars. investigates by the end of two thousand and fourteen the u.s. military will have to destroy seven billion dollars worth of military equipment in afghanistan u.s. officials say they're getting rid of what they no longer need to or what would be too costly to ship back home the list of items that will be shredded. and question to be sold to scrap includes around two thousand mine resistant ambush protected biko's or m r eight pieces that were designed to counter the spread of roadside
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bombs and cost around a million dollars apiece in afghanistan are very busy now dismantling the expensive equipment u.s. officials are not explicit as to why they're not leaving the gear to the afghan military one of the reasons that they gave is that they provided afghan forces with lighter tactical vehicles which are presumably a better fit for the country's roads to quote one u.s. military official he said we don't want to live with a lot of equipment that they can't handle and that could compound their challenges as the u.s. is packing to leave again if that will please the bulk of the forces the obama administration is trying to quote find a political solution with the taliban there are quite a few road blocks on the way through that as you can imagine but after years of fierce fighting u.s. policymakers have arrived at the idea that only a political solution can lead to a sustainable peace in afghanistan and in some way the scrapping of military gear is symbolic to how little all that machinery has achieved there. author and
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activist david swanson says this massive disposal in afghanistan will not even raise an eyebrow in washington. that's the you know small coin in terms of the corruption of the u.s. military which is just beyond measure remember while they're destroying seven billion dollars worth of vehicles and so forth the united states congress has just dumped another over eighty billion dollars into the ongoing occupation of afghanistan for the next year virtually the same amount as last year and as we talk about it winding down and ending and rushing to a close we're talking about at least another year and a half which is longer than most wars in world history have taken from beginning to end and this one's been going for over twelve years still terry budget in the bill just passed by congress is increasing from last year and increasing in violation of the famous sequester limitation that is being used to eliminate money for food and
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health and housing and all things good and decent in the united states military budgets seems immune it just continues to climb and of course it is easier to buy more equipment when you destroy the old equipment you know that the private car dealers would just love it if we all destroyed our cars and when new once. and you can get more details of that story on our website also there you will find shame and disgrace you are an expert reveal the ugly truth that israeli army tactics including using palestinian children as human shields in military operations go online to get the details on that also on our you tube channel more of these stunning pictures from the paris air show where cutting edge examples of russia's military aircraft decorate the skies. after the u.s. decision to arm the syrian rebels against government troops powerful anti-tank and
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anti-aircraft missiles are making their way to the war zone yet those same shipments have already sparked feuds among various rebel factions dominated by radical islamist fighters and latest reports say fighters from the al qaeda linked to a front have assassinated a large number of officers from the free syrian army r.t. contributor afshin rattansi thinks that only hope that only highlights the dangers of sending more arms to the region. the rebel ranks were in a stanwell recently could make no. type of agreement between themselves and now they're actually killing each other so of course there is that power struggle it's been going on for months and months and presumably president obama and major powers are saying yeah we'll give it to the free syrian army well if the front murdering members of the free syrian army presumably they take some of those arms and destroy it they probably use it disunity in the rebel ranks is reaching fever pitch the
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dangers are very clear of that all to be seen in iraq neighboring iraq and beginning to be seen in lebanon as the analysts are from becomes the key defacto lead faction in the opposition no amount of the so-called moderate rebels is going to work against the hundreds of thousands billions millions we don't know coming from qatar and saudi arabia the american allies in the persian gulf so the dangers are everywhere to be seen and of course the other dangers are the blowback which may be occurring even now some of these militants returning to their home countries in europe and perhaps to the united states to fight to their jihad on european american soil terror attacks constant train strikes and fishes sectarian strife pakistan's new elected government faces
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a lot of ugly challenges but i mean the outbreaks of violence many other a she searches an immense lack of energy are left on the sidelines however even when the government starts looking for answers to the shortfall it does stumble upon a whole host of new hurdles. business is far from booming at this textile mill in pakistan several times each day the machines come to a halt there's simply not enough power to keep them running forcing them to sit idle for up to fourteen hours a day the mill has resorted to burning wood to keep up production but for a factory employing four thousand people it's an unsustainable solution this is to be affecting the number of people you can employ you must provide jobs in job creation can he have been if you have energy and energy is personally what pakistan lacks the country of almost one hundred eighty million people has been plagued by power cuts that have grown longer and more frequent in recent years about two thirds of pakistan's energy comes from oil and gas but there's not enough fuel to
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go around most cars here are run a natural gas but widespread shortages often leave drivers queuing up at the pump for hours the power crisis has also played a major role in helping industrial take to. defeat the ruling party in the recent election. it's a tragedy that a country with atomic weapons is deprived of electricity and has no electricity for even twenty dollars a day how can a country develop in such a situation so called load shedding means people and businesses can't function those who can afford it turn to a battery run electricity by using a device called u.p.s. it's enough to keep a few lights and ceiling fans on but just barely across pakistan countless people are struggling to get by because of the energy crisis businesses large and small are desperate for an increase in energy supply in hard hit areas like this one the geopolitics of where pakistan turns to in order to get those supplies is hardly a top concern q iran the islamic republic has plenty of natural gas reserves which
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pakistan is eager to consume and after nearly twenty years the two countries inaugurated a gas pipeline that would let pakistan do just that the project aims to bring a million cubic feet of gas to pakistan each day from iran's offshore south park's field in the persian gulf. this is the single best thing which has happened to box on the last sixty five years of his existence it will be a major step towards providing cost effective solution and a solution which will allow pakistan to be actually connected to the global energy guest recess but there are serious doubts about how pakistan could finance the one point five billion dollars needed to build its portion of the pipeline and there's another hurdle washington has threatened to slap islam abroad with sanctions over the project if this deal is finalized for a proposed iran pakistan pipeline it would raise serious concerns under our around sanctions act we've made that absolutely clear to our pakistani qana parts the
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americans are pushing for a rival plan for u.s. backed pipeline from turkmenistan instead but u.s. opposition isn't the only hurdle realistically i don't think that's ever going to happen because if you look at the geopolitical you look at the forces that are opposed to it it's not just the united states that's opposed to it it's also saudi arabia it's also the it's also got that also that new prime minister is you know what you can pull out the at least historically has been i don't see the it on pakistan pipeline going through it remains to be seen whether the pipeline will be sidelined by geopolitics but for the people here there's little choice but to put up with the inconvenience and wait in line to see caffein of r.t.e. pakistan. the cream of woe business isn't simply to spend at the moment looking for ways to boost economic growth reform the global financial system and strengthen try to kill
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brain is that the form for sticking to the most burning issues someone eighteen the agenda good morning casey was all about the devaluation of the rouble yesterday what can we look forward to today. hi andy well if they didn't mess take a corner made it very much in full focus today we're going to be talking about market volatility how to address that as well as making russia almost friendly place to come and spend your caste improving infrastructure and talking about investment into the country i'm now joined by tim does then you've been walking in russia five or twenty years as the t. five president of that so will the oil company tell me how to find business there and what would you like to see improved to make it easier for you but as you say we've been in russia for a couple of decades we have a small producing the interest on shore. as of today i think yes we recognise that russia has a resource potential both oil on shore. and off shore and you're aware of the
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strategic cooperation we have with your snuff. and that's you know sort of is the next important step in the starvation position and in russia and how big is this deal how much money we talking about with roughly half. you know we don't discuss in money terms but we have we have worked on a bit which will dispose will be entering into offshore positions around about one hundred thousand square kilometers from here exploration acreage where we have a commitment to drive six wells in the period from two thousand and sixteen to two thousand and twenty one to get about those and a massive well mr yesterday between china ross s sixty billion dollars what what do you make of that and does not just prove what's changing in terms of trade relationships on a global scale but i think you're on the lines of the potential that russia has. so be it a major supplier of both gas and oil giffen many many many decades ahead. until say move on i want to talk about we all say because at the moment everyone is trying to
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get involved on the even countries such as china to see the competitions really getting help as we get more energy demands from countries did this many say you know two thirds of the yet to find resources on the planet that's been there all together and positions are being beat being taken now including in russia and we're very fortunate to be part of that together with that with ross that in our minds you know sort of even though you know sort of the a lot of the production from the all to come in the longer term the positions are being taken now so it's now is the time to take your take a position on health hope that the competition gets to see that getting a little bit nothing or you confident it will be fairly i'll stick is not the word that was used that say there's a lot the call to action for the fall for new acreage including in the in the all to even though that respect is all long term as i said the positions in the all to being taken now and russia's russia is a good example of that with the awards which. have received for the last the last
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two years and fairly quickly deal with this without the future that it takes a while so i think we need both show gets on the complex all show on the all take resources into the future i thank you very much indeed take that datsun that i thank you for joining me today this morning here it is simply because the international economic forum on going to be hit over throughout the day for its case we've been seeing that on day yeah thanks very much katie that second helping life from sin paint is. coming up next is pace of zero on crosstalk. i know they tracked the approval ratings of the presidents of various countries by did though they still research the approval ratings of former presidents twice like
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gallup poll that says that george w. bush has been slowly growing in his approval numbers since leaving office in fact his numbers have increased by seventeen percent amongst independents and even his inferior rival democratic voters have given him fourteen percentage points of popularity i think this may be due to the fact that obama's magic has worn off and people are getting fed up with things belonging for the bush days is insane if you are one of the people who has recently decided that bush is awesome and please tell me how he differs from obama true obama can pronounce ninety nine percent of the words on a teleprompter in front of him but both presidents have let expensive wars with questionable objectives bush gave us the patriot act and obama continued it with the n.d.a. both of them seem to like their drones and massive government spending and expansion i don't know i don't think that just because obama's was flawed that somehow makes bush's brain into some sort of triumph but that's just my opinion.
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please see. below. and welcome to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lobo is the united states of america a force for good in the world with the largest economy and an unmatched military critics claim washington's defined geopolitical interests always trump its loudly proclaimed values friends of washington are given a free pass and it means real or imagined are to be destroyed and replaced.


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